Practitioner Lecturer Guest Lecture, Entrepreneur Opportunities in Domestic Wastewater Treatment Business   University General

In the MBKM activities, the Environmental Engineering Study Program of Udayana University in collaboration with practitioners, holds guest lectures from practitioners. A number of Environmental Engineering Students attended a Guest Lecture filled with Practitioner Lecturers, on Wednesday (31/03). The speaker was Mr. Ir. Ida Bagus Surya Sanjaya, who is a business manager in domestic waste processing, which of course always carries out activities and is directly involved in domestic wastewater treatment activities. Baliau did not hesitate to share his knowledge and fill out material online and offline. Student representatives come to meet face to face and discuss directly with the presenters, of course, while still applying health protocols.
The theme of the lecture is about How Entrepreneurs Enter the Domestic Liquid Waste Management Business. Lecture activities or guest lectures are running smoothly, with the enthusiasm of students who are actively discussing question and answer questions.
"Hopefully in the future, there will be more practitioners who can collaborate with campuses." Said Mrs. Kadek Diana Harmayani, ST, MT, Ph.D. as the Coordinator of the Environmental Engineering Study Program.